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Conclusion: Unlocking the Potential of Chat GPT with Prompt Engineering

Prompt engineering is the key to unlocking the full potential of Chat GPT. By understanding how it works and applying the right techniques, you can generate a wide variety of creative and informative outputs.

Here are some extended examples to illustrate the application of prompt engineering:

1. Writing a Short Story:

Prompt: Write a short story about a detective solving a mysterious case in a metropolitan city.


Detective Aditya gazed at the skyscraper in front of him. The night sky was covered with dark clouds, adding to the gloomy atmosphere of the metropolitan city. Aditya had just received a call from a panicked woman who reported her husband missing.

With determined steps, Aditya entered the lobby of the skyscraper. He began his investigation by interviewing the apartment residents and searching for clues around the scene. Over time, Aditya discovered various irregularities and puzzles that became increasingly confusing.

After days of investigation, Aditya finally found a breakthrough. He managed to identify the perpetrator and uncover the motive behind the woman's husband's disappearance. The case was closed successfully, bringing relief and justice to all parties involved.

2. Summarizing a Scientific Article:

Prompt: Summarize a scientific article about the impact of climate change on the marine ecosystem.


Effects of Climate Change on the Marine Ecosystem

Climate change has significant impacts on various aspects of life on Earth, including the marine ecosystem. Rising seawater temperatures, changing ocean current patterns, and increasing CO2 levels in the atmosphere put stress on marine organisms.

Some observable effects include:

  • Coral bleaching: Rising water temperatures cause stress to corals, leading to bleaching and death.
  • Fish population decline: Changing ocean current patterns and water temperatures disrupt fish habitats and migration, resulting in population decline.
  • Ocean acidification: Increasing CO2 levels in the atmosphere make the ocean more acidic, endangering marine organisms with shells and skeletons.

It is crucial to take strategic steps to address climate change and protect the marine ecosystem. Efforts such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, preserving marine habitats, and developing environmentally friendly technologies are key to maintaining the balance and resilience of the marine ecosystem in the future.

3. Writing a Drama Script:

Prompt: Write a comedic drama script about two best friends who get stuck in funny situations while on vacation.

Scene 1

Setting: Tropical beach with white sand and coconut trees


  • Rara: Energetic and adventurous woman
  • Dina: Quiet and easily panicked woman


Rara: (Running frantically) Dina! Quick, run!

Dina: (Out of breath) Why? What's wrong?

Rara: I accidentally bumped my ice cream into a little kid!

Dina: Oh no! What did he do?

Rara: He's chasing me with his ice cream stick!

Dina: Oh my gosh! We have to run!

The two friends run as fast as they can along the beach, avoiding the angry little kid with the ice cream stick in his hand. Along the way, they encounter various funny obstacles, such as slipping in mud, tripping over rocks, and almost getting hit by a crab.

Scene 2

Setting: Beachside cafe

Characters: Rara and Dina


Rara: (Laughing) Oh my gosh, today was absolutely crazy!

Dina: (Still catching her breath) Yes, I never expected our vacation to turn out like this.

Rara: But at least we had fun, right?

Dina: Yes, that's true.

The two friends enjoy the rest of their vacation filled with laughter and funny memories from unexpected situations.

The above examples are just a small fraction of the possibilities achievable with prompt engineering. With creativity and exploration, you can leverage Chat GPT to generate various beneficial and entertaining outputs.  

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